Choosing a Primary Care Provider

Your primary care provider (PCP) is your main point of contact for getting health care services, so it’s important you find a doctor or provider who you trust, feel comfortable with, and who encourages you to be an active participant in your health care.

To find information about Martin’s Point Health Care PCPs, you can go to our Health Care Centers Locations section where you will find each provider’s qualifications and patient satisfactory ratings.

Most health insurance plans allow you to switch PCPs whenever you want, so know that you can always change your mind.

Did You Know a Nurse Practitioner Can Be Your Primary Care Provider?

Nurse practitioners are health care providers who are licensed to practice medicine as independent primary care providers. They have advanced knowledge, skills, and educational degrees (masters or doctorate). Their unique background, founded on nursing principles, promotes a  “whole person” approach to care—focusing on health promotion and education, as well as illness and injury prevention and treatment. Many people have a nurse practitioners as their primary care provider.

Be sure to search your health plan’s provider directory.

Most health insurance plans have a network of providers you must use to get the best rates. Be sure to search your health plan’s provider directory and use an in-network doctor when possible. You’ll spend much less on your health care services when you do so.

Patient Rights and Responsibilities