Laboratory Services

If you’re a Martin’s Point patient, you can go to any of our locations to get your lab work done. The labs are owned and operated by Martin’s Point, so it is a quick and easy process for your doctor to order your lab work and get your results back, which means less waiting for you. Most lab tests are processed in-house and can be completed in 24 hours. Those tests not performed in house are sent to Quest Laboratories.

All lab services are by appointment during the location hours posted below.

Please see the Questions About Lab Tests page for frequently asked questions about lab services.

Martin’s Point Health Care, Portland

331 Veranda Street
Portland, ME 04104
By appointment:
Monday-Thursday 7:00 am-6 pm,
Friday 7:00 am-5 pm, Saturday 8:30-12:30 pm

Martin’s Point Health Care, Scarborough

153 US Route 1
Scarborough, ME 04074
By appointment: Monday-Friday 7am-5 pm

Martin’s Point Health Care, Portsmouth

161 Corporate Drive
Pease International Trade Port
Portsmouth, NH 03801

By appointment: Monday-Friday 7:30 am-5:30 pm
Saturday 9 am-noon

Martin’s Point Health Care, Biddeford

61Barra Street
Biddeford, ME 04005
By appointment: Monday-Friday 8 am-3:30 pm

Martin’s Point Health Care, Brunswick–Farley Road

6 Farley Road
Brunswick, ME 04011
By appointment:
Monday-Thursday 7 am-6 pm 
Friday 7 am-5 pm

Martin’s Point Health Care, Brunswick–Baribeau Drive

74 Baribeau Drive
Brunswick, ME 04011
By appointment: 
Monday-Friday 7:30 am-5 pm
Saturday 9 am-Noon

Martin’s Point Health Care, Gorham

575 Main Street
Gorham, ME 04038
By appointment: Monday-Friday 7:30 am-5 pm, Starting 9/30 7:00 am-5 pm