Behavior & Mental Health Treatment

Partnership with Sweetser and Spurwink Services

Our Mental Health services include consultation and treatment for depression, ADHD, anxiety, and more.
Mental health specialists from Sweetser are available at three Martin’s Point Health Care Centers, in Gorham and our two Brunswick locations: Brunswick–Farley Road Health Care Center and Brunswick–Baribeau Drive Health Care Center. A behavioral health specialist from Spurwink Services is available at the Martin’s Point Health Care Centers in Portland and Scarborough.
Because the in-house behavioral and mental health specialists are intended to be an integral part of a patient’s care team, Martin’s Point patients will be able to schedule appointments with the behavioral health specialists as part of their overall health care plan with their primary care doctor.
Mental health is an important aspect of being a healthy person as there is an interwoven relationship between physical and behavioral health. Close integration of primary care and behavioral health services has been shown to dramatically improve the health and wellbeing of many patients.
By offering primary care and behavioral health services conveniently in one facility, Martin's Point patients can benefit from early identification and prevention of underlying behavioral health conditions and can more easily access services that complement the physical care they are already receiving. By treating both physical and behavioral health issues together in a whole-person approach, better overall health can be achieved while improving the patient’s health care experience and reducing costs both for the patient and the health care system as a whole. 
Mental health services are available onsite at several Martin’s Point Health Care Centers, including GorhamBrunswick–Farley Road, Brunswick–Baribeau Drive, Portland and Scarborough.

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