Pediatrics - Maine


Pediatrics is primary care for infants, children, and adolescents. Your pediatrician can help you and your child with all aspects of health, from prevention, to treatment of injuries, and diagnosing illnesses. Pediatric specialty services are available for those parents who would like to have their children cared for by Board Certified Pediatricians.  

Our pediatricians provide primary pediatric care for patients from newborn through adolescence.

Services include:
• Well child/adolescent care
• Urgent care
• Adolescent gynecological care
• ADD and ADHD
• Care for children and adolescents who have complicated medical health issues

Our pediatricians work closely with local hospitals for patients who need inpatient or outpatient services, so our patients get the care they need in an integrated and well-coordinated way.

Our pediatricians also work with Martin’s Point family medicine physicians to provide pediatric specialty services to their patients.

Pediatricians at the Portland Health Care Center location:
Torah Tomasi, MD
Pediatricians at the Brunswick–Baribeau Drive Health Care Center location:

Alyssa Goodwin, MD
Nubia (Smith-Vaughan) Calabi, MD
Katie Swan Potter, NP-C
John Sommer, MD
Lauren Jamele-Townley, DO