Sports Medicine Doctors - Maine

Sports medicine is health care for athletes, active individuals, and people who would like to be more active. Sports injuries, sports physicals, exercise advice, and work injuries are some common services provided under Sports Medicine.

Whether you are an experienced athlete, or someone just starting to think about adding exercise to your life, sports medicine can help. Sports medicine includes treatment of injuries caused by exercise, but can also include musculoskeletal injuries caused at work or elsewhere. A sports medicine physician can also give you advice on how you can prevent injuries and how to increase your performance. 

Sports Medicine specialists are available at our Portland and Brunswick–Baribeau Drive Health Care Centers.

Brunswick–Baribeau Drive Health Care Center
Dr. Christine Bender, DO
Dr. John Colianni, MD, RMSK
Mary Iaculli, DO

Portland Health Care Center
Dr. John Colianni, MD, RMSK
Mary Iaculli, DO
Dr. Katherine Rutherford, MD

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